Kumpulan Surat Cinta Bahasa Inggris I

Bahasa Inggris memang merupakan bahasa asing, namun dengan status sebagai bahasa internasional bahasa Inggris tentu memiliki nilai tambah tersendiri kerena digunakan oleh sebagian besar masyarakat dunia.

Dibawah ini adalah contoh surat cinta yang ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris

I'm Forever Yours (Daku Milikmu S’lamanya)
By  Gina

Dear Josay,

There aren't any words to specific however I feel concerning you. I perpetually seek for the words, and that they all appear but I really feel. You're my life, my heart, and my soul. You're my ally. You're my one true love. I still keep in mind the day we have a tendency to initial met. I knew that you simply were the one I used to be meant to be with forever. Because the years went along and that we drifted apart, I still control onto the memory of you. I assumed of you each day, and unreal of you every night.

Just once I thought you had forgotten ME, you'd decision and build all my dreams appear real. The sound of your voice on the road, was the sweetest sound I might ever realize. Then sooner or later you gave ME a decision, and told me I would have an opportunity to rectify it all. My heart was beating onerous inside my chest. My hand was shaking and that I may barely breathe. Then you came dead set see ME and that I knew it absolutely was meant to be. Those were the sweetest days, of recollections of the past. It went thus quickly, I needed it to last.

The day you left, I needed to die. You know as ME once more, your voice on the road. I had to be close to you, lying on your chest. I want to indicate you, that you simply were the most effective. thus I created the choice to inform you ways I feel. After you aforementioned you felt identical, I felt it absolutely was a dream. I packed up my stuff and altered my life. I ne'er looked back, currently you'll build ME your married woman.

I am on a cloud, living in an exceedingly dream, and many days from currently, it'll extremely feel real. I wrote this letter for you to stay, and after you want a reminder of however I feel. I've aforementioned it before and I am going to say it once more, words cannot specific however you create ME feel. I build this promise to you my expensive, to like you the approach that you simply love ME. I currently look to the longer term and forget the past, your life is mine and that we can build it last. I really like you additional these days than I did yesterday, and i am going to love you additional tomorrow than I do these days. With all my heart I'm forever yours.

Love invariably and 4ever,